Heading back to NYC For More Slices and Street Cred

Posted in Home Slice in NYC by Joseph on August 28, 2008

A shout out to fans of Austin’s most popular pizzeria: South Congress Avenue neighborhood joint Home Slice Pizza will be closed September 1st-4th for its second annual staff trip to the city that boasts the best pizza in the world—the Big Apple itself.

Although pizza originated in Italy, Home Slice’s muse is New York City, where pizzerias established by the earliest Italian immigrants have enjoyed over one hundred years of operation. With virtually thousands of neighborhood pizzerias to choose from, the slice has long been a staple of the NY diet, and like nowhere else in the country, the authenticity of the recipes and mastery of the craft of old-school pizza making can still be witnessed on almost every street corner.

We envision the trip as a cultural mission to introduce our staff to these quintessential pies and to allow them to witness the reverence for pizza that inspires passionate debate throughout the city and beyond. Our goal is to infuse the staff with the bona fide East Coast Italian community vibe. Pizza places in New York are not only plentiful but SERIOUS about the craft. Some of the best pizzaiolos in the world can be found there.

This year, the crew of 30 large will make visits to venerable New York pizzerias, corner slice joints and sit down Italian restaurants all over the map, as well as side trips to city landmarks including Coney Island, Harlem, Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Home Slice will re-open for business on Friday, September 5th with enthusiasm and renewed street cred.


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  1. kb said, on August 29, 2008 at 12:48 pm


    i have been to grimaldis. its not fancy, it may be cash only… but the deal is this: their pizza is FANTASTIC. its reallynear the brooklyn bridge.
    Check it out.

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