MXTS is Underway!

Posted in Music and other Arts, Pizza Eating Celebs by scovillain on March 19, 2009

obeyposse1obeyposse21It’s a gorgeous spring day in Austin and if you haven’t been down yet, here are a few highlights you missed:

Mason Proper kicking off the event with their sunny and soulful pop harmonies.

Low Anthem hauntingly belting it out from their shins at least, big enough to drown out the rock n’ roll band across the street at Gueros.

The contagiously upbeat Marching Band all the way from Sweeden.

Shepard Fairey and the Obey Posse creating an AMAZING mural on the parking lot wall. (See photos… it’s still happening).

Lots of happy music fans eating Home Slice Pizza from our outdoor slice kitchen!

Oh and during the festival so far, these visiting celebs ate our pizza!

  • Seth Rogan
  • Justin Kirk, who plays Andy Botwin on Weeds

Uh Oh… I hear hip hop… gotta go!


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