This is how we do it.

Posted in It's Bona Fide! by Tara Bouley on June 1, 2009

Lot’s of people ask us what makes our pizza so good. What sets it apart? Despite the mystique and legend (and compellingly strong opinions) surrounding what makes great pizza great, it’s not fairy dust or luck or anything that obscure. The answer is simple, but born out of much hard work, effort and vision: recipes, quality ingredients, love and no compromise. Many of the ingredients that we use weren’t available from the local purveyors when Home Slice was still in the womb. It took much persistence and diligence to make the cheeses, meats, and toppings that we use available to us.

Periodically, Jen Strickland, owner and visionary (the queen of pies, if you will) of Home Slice and its recipes, educates the staff on what we use and why. We taste our ingredients side by side with what is widely available and pervasively used. The differences can be shocking. Take for example, one the most integral ingredients for pizza, shredded mozzarella. We shred our cheeses daily. However, the food industry, in an effort to make pre-shredded mozzarella easier to store and handle, coats the cheese with cellulose powder to prevent caking and preservatives to increase shelf life. And while this makes it more convenient for turn and burn pizza production, it does not make for good food. 

Pizza is often viewed as a cheap, quick commodity. That is the opposite from how we treat pizza making. Pizza is not merchandise. Pizza is the satellite of love in the middle of a table that brings people together. 


Jen dropping knowledge on us all.


Our cheesecake vs. frozen


Compare and contrast, with wine.


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