Italian wines: everyday eats, not special treats!

Posted in It's Bona Fide! by Tara Bouley on June 21, 2009

Why wine? Why the heck not?! You see, pizza is fun. That’s undeniable. It’s born by being tossed in the air and getting all dolled up. You get to eat it with your hands without getting in trouble. A hot piping pie is brought to your table and you think, or say, YAY! Wine in Italy is the same. It is not reserved for cocktail parties and stemmed glasses and anniversaries. It is food. It is just as much a part of the everyday eating experience as bread or veggies. We chose to have an Italian wine list because our food is Italian inspired and our ingredients are primarily Italian. In Italy wine and food are made to compliment and enhance each other, and Italian wines have a great acidity that stands up to, but doesn’t mask or overpower, the rich flavors in the tomato sauce, cheese, and meats in Italian cooking. 

Our wine menu changes fairly often because we chose to work with semi-small producers that make wine with our same philosophy. Wineries with a passion for quality ingredients with the real end product being a catalyst for pleasure and enjoyment for life and the people you share it with. 

Wine is not pretentious, it’s just juice, man. Really well made, warm in your tummy, fuzzy around the edges, sexy, fun-times juice. Juice nonetheless. And food and wine paired are like Dan Akroyd and John Belushi, great solo, but unstoppably awesome together. Like how Catherine Zeta-Jones looks even more beautiful on the arm of Michael Douglas. Just think of Catherine as a slice of sausage and garlic pizza and Michael is the Barbera D’Alba that propels her to Super Star status. Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin? They are actually a meatball sub and a glass of Nero D’Avola. Don’t tell their publicists. So the next time you think pizza, and then think beer, think again and ask your server about our wine!

polariodsThe pairings above are tried and true awesome combos. Don’t be fooled but the pink color of Rosé, it’s a dry, tart glass of cold heaven. It totally compliments the meaty Italian assorted sub. Prosecco and a Caesar salad sounds a little understated, but it’s a ridiculously delicious combo. The earthiness of the Montepulciano is a great bosom buddy to the saltiness of the pepperoni and the acidity of the pizza sauce.


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  1. Erbellis said, on June 22, 2009 at 10:13 am

    Good advice here. You show that pizza goes great with more than just beer.

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