Blog Envy: Seth Mazow’s Year of the Pizza

Posted in Friends, Neighbors and Regulars by Tara Bouley on August 11, 2009

carnival08_2Every fall, Home Slice hosts a Carnival O’ Pizza. We have games for kids, performances, a raffle, a dunking booth, contests of all kinds, and pizza of course. And prizes! Prizes galore! We have a pizza tossing contest where pizzaiolos from Austin and beyond compete to throw the fastest and largest pies. We have a pizza eating contest, which has been won by the same person three years running. AND we have a contest of will and endurance called “Hands on an Eggplant Sub.” Contestants place their hands on an eggplant sub and the last hand standing, wins. The first year we did it, it went 13 hours, we actually called it a draw because we had no idea it would go so long. We had no contingency plan for it going past 4 am when the last of our employees were gone for the day. So, the second year we planned for an overnighter and it went 27 hours! It was not a pretty sight.

Which brings us to last year’s winner, Seth Mazow. In a hot 7 hours, Seth was crowned. The rumor going around is that the gal he was up against forgot what she was doing (?) and took her hand off (?). Consequently, Seth won free pizza for a year, and he created a fantastic blog about his year eating pizza aptly titled Year of the Pizza.

Maybe Seth will be defending his title this year? Eh?


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  1. Seth said, on August 14, 2009 at 1:03 pm

    Maybe I’ll be defending my title? Ha! I’m already in training. My humming of “Eye of the Tiger” is getting pretty good, and I’ll be acquiring a sweet hoodie. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without free Homeslice. Erin, my fiance, will be entering also just in case I falter a la Sonia (left of me in the photo).

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