Interview with Pizza Eating Champion Chris Floyd

Posted in Carnival O' Pizza, Friends, Neighbors and Regulars by Tara Bouley on December 1, 2009

Chris Floyd has won our pizza eating contest three years running now at our Carnival O’ Pizza and he plans to do the same. Shauna sat down with Chris to find out more about this man of mystery.

How many food eating competitions do you enter a year?  What else have you won?

2009 has been a fun year of eating for me.  I entered a pie eating contest at Sugar Mama’s bakery, a cup cake eating contest at Austin’s inaugural Cup Cake Smackdown, an ice cream eating contest at the Ice Cream Festival, and a pizza eating contest at Emo’s.  With the exception of the ice cream, I came out victorious in each of these contests.  Previous to this year, I’ve also won contests involving chicken fired steak, brisket, and chicken wings.  Last year, I was in a regional qualifier for the Nathan’s Hot Dog Easting Contest at Coney Island, but I fell a few hot dogs short of qualifying for the 4th of July contest.

You’ve had 3 years of free Home Slice pizza, what’s been your favorite combo?

That’s a very tough question.  If I had to pick one Home Slice pizza for the rest of my life, I might go with meatball, pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, green pepper, onion, artichoke heart, and basil.  That being said, a number of the highlight pies over the past three years have ventured away from the traditional toppings by including pears and/or cherry peppers.  It’s tough to choose, and if you asked me tomorrow, the answer might be a little different.  Being able to have complete freedom of choice on endless topping combinations is a beautiful thing.

How many Home Slice pizzas do you think you’ve eaten in the last few years?

As of November 19, my guests and I have enjoyed 212 free pizzas.  I have each pizza (and who I ate it with) documented in my personal pizza ledger.

What is your training regimen?

I’ve definitely stepped up my Home Slice pizza consumption over the last few weeks, and I have two more official time trials scheduled before December 5th.

How much street cred has being the H.S. champ given you?

On a few occasions, I’ve been out around town when strangers have come up to out of nowhere with “Hey, Pizza Guy.”  My friends often introduce me to others as “The Home Slice Pizza Eating Champ”, and inevitably, a series of questions soon follows.  People love to hear all about it.

What was your first food eating contest?  How old were you when you realized that you were interested in feats of gastronomic agility?

One summer when I was 13 or 14, a bunch of the neighborhood kids and I walked up to the pizza place by our house to see who could eat the most pizza.  I ended up putting down 27 slices to narrowly beat out my older brother, and that’s when I knew I had something.  The victory was sweet, but the walk home was not a comfortable one.  Some of those same guys I ate against almost twenty years ago are coming down from Dallas to cheer me on as part of what is sure to be the biggest crowd Home Slice has ever seen.  Some other good friends are making the trip from Shreveport, and one of my buddies who lives in Columbia, Missouri is considering the trip down to Austin as well.  Every time I hear about another friend who is planning on coming out to the contest, I get even more motivated to perform well – as if the potential to eat Austin’s best pizza for free for another year wasn’t already motivation enough.


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  1. seth said, on December 1, 2009 at 3:16 pm

    A true champ! All hail the king!

  2. Don Dickson said, on December 1, 2009 at 4:31 pm

    I walked into Home Slice one day, sat at the counter and ordered two slices and an iced tea. There was a guy seated to my left whom I now know is Chris Floyd. There was an empty seat on both sides of him. As I was eating my first slice, he was presented with a pizza on a pedestal. It was piled high with toppings. I thought to myself, “hmm, okay, he’s waiting for someone.” He dug into his first slice.

    No one else showed up, and Chris was chowing down on his third or fourth slice by the time I had started on my second. And I began to realize that “ohh my, nobody else is coming, this guy’s gonna eat that whole thing.”

    I sat there in quiet awe as I watched this spectacle two stools away from me. He ate the entire thing in the time it took me to eat two slices of plain cheese pizza.

    I salute you, Chris Floyd!

  3. […] the pizza eating contest held at Home Slice Pizza's Carnival O' Pizza for the fourth year in a row. Home Slice's blog and the Austin AV Club have interviews with Chris Floyd.December 7, 2009 at 11:54 am by ojrifkin […]

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