MXTS 2010 Preview: Surf City

Posted in Music and other Arts by shaunaslice on February 11, 2010

At first listen, the band Surf City evoked some strong memories for me. I’m 15, in my friend’s Pontiac (dubbed the Pontiac-Wack, if you will). We’re cruising over country roads, past corn fields and llama farms, and we’ve just discovered the alternative radio station out of Rochester, NY. Gosh, remember when it was called “alternative?” Anyway, we’re high on the freedom the car gives us, high on what adventures await us the next town over, and giddy because the discovery of this new music makes it all possible. We don’t stop driving for hours, content just listening.

Surf City, which until recently was known as Kill Surf City, doesn’t take me back as much as it renews that excitement and makes me want to drive with the music cranked. Destination unknown. Members Davin Stoddard, brothers Josh and Jamie Kennedy, and Logan Collins, all from New Zealand, have released 1 self-titled 6 song EP, and Home Slice couldn’t be happier to welcome them to our MXTS party this year. Get excited you guys. If bands like Pavement, Sonic Youth, or Jesus and Mary Chain get your blood (and memories) pumping, I can guarantee you’ll have permagrin after checking these guys out.

Surf City will perform Thursday March 18 @ 12:45 pm at Music by the Slice


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