MXTS 2010 Preview: Wye Oak

Posted in Music and other Arts by Steve Smith on February 25, 2010

We’re excited to welcome Wye Oak to the Home Slice patio for MXTS next month. If you aren’t familiar with the indie folk rock duo from Baltimore comprised of Jenn Wasner on vocals/guitars and Andy Stack on drums/keyboard/vocals and are looking for a frame of reference, think about The Spinanes from Seattle or maybe the soundtrack to Ken Burns’ epic miniseries “The Civil War” if interpreted by the Velvet Underground. The sound is lugubrious yet sultry.

Of course, the ultimate seal of approval for this band is the fact that they’re on Merge Records, always a sign of quality. The band’s 2009 Merge release, The Knot, was described by the Pitchfork reviewer as “about as close to objectively gorgeous music as I can imagine.” If you are wondering how this subtly engaging duo will translate live, fear not. As they said in a recent interview, “We compensate for subtlety with volume. Andy plays drums with one hand and keyboards with the other. There’s nothing pre-recorded. There’s some loops, but mainly it’s just us.” To check them out live, here they are at CMJ back in 2008.

But what about the name? Well, it comes from the honorary state tree of Maryland that was destroyed in a storm in 2002. Think Treaty Oak. If you want to check out Wye Oak for yourself, watch the video below for “Please Concrete,” off of their 2008 album, If Children. To see something off of The Knot, you can also watch “Sight Flight” or check out their MySpace page. Oh, and of course, check them out on the patio at MXTS!


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