Join our Pie Club.

Posted in Carnival O' Pizza, Friends, Neighbors and Regulars by Tara Bouley on October 24, 2010

Hey Yoooooou Guyz!!!!!

For the first time ever, Home Slice is assembling a Volunteer Corps dedicated to serving our community the Home Slice way – with playful irreverence, friendly exuberance and street cred galore! We call it Pie Club, and its only open to those who want to help us give a little back to the city we call home.

Here’s how it works: We currently have two major annual events, each with a charity component: The Home Slice Carnival-O-Pizza happens on a Saturday each November and is one part birthday party, one part lemonade stand, and one part circus freak show. All the proceeds from the event go to a different charity each year.

This year’s charity for the Carnival is Habitat Young Professionals, a fundraising organization for Habitat for Humanity, that is dedicated to helping provide affordable housing in Austin. The carnival will take place Saturday, November 20th.

In the Spring, we host a party during South by Southwest that we call Music by the Slice (MXTS), which is partially staffed by volunteers as well.

Each event has tripled in size and scope since we started and that is where the Pie Club will come in. We always ask our charities to provide volunteers for each event that we do, but to make the execution of the event as seamless and fun as possible, we want our own merry band of volunteers who will pitch in and donate some of their time and energy to making it happen.

We’re seeking out that special breed that believes in giving back to the community with a can-do attitude. And we need all types – the movers, the shakers, the strong ones, the quiet ones. This is a call for all carnies, music lovers, pizza freaks, and do-gooders. We appreciate all good intentions, but only the dedicated should apply.

Doing good while having fun is its own reward, but to make it more interesting we have some special perks that will ONLY be offered to the Pie Club. So come on – Roll up your sleeves with us at our next event!

For more information, please email


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