“Hands on an Eggplant Sub” Contest Adds a Charitable Twist

Posted in Carnival O' Pizza by Tara Bouley on October 29, 2010

Sponsor a H.O.E during the Home Slice Carnival O’ Pizza’s favorite Hands on an Eggplant Sub Contest and raise dough for Habitat for Humanity.

We are adding a hilarious new twist to their already wacky Hands on an Eggplant Sub Contest (HOES) that takes place during the fall Carnival O’ Pizza – the ability to sponsor a contestant, or H.O.E.

The infamous contest, inspired by the 1998 S.R. Bindler documentary Hands on a Hard Body, chronicling a competition where people stand for hours with their hands on a pick up truck in order to win it, challenges competitors to keep their hands on a deliciously cheesy Home Slice eggplant sub for as long as they can. The prize for the last one touching? Free Home Slice pizza for a year!

During the past four years of HOES competitions it had become tradition for standers-by to fill tip jars to encourage the contestants to persevere, and sometimes to give up. Now Home Slice is taking the tip jar one step further, and this year, Hands on an Eggplant Subbers can only compete if they’ve raised at least $50 – and hopefully more – for the carnival beneficiary, Habitat Young Professionals (HYP), before the contest begins. Home Slice will set competitors up with a personalized web page where friends, family and coworkers can visit and sponsor their H.O.E. with any amount they see fit. In addition to the good feeling that comes with giving back to the community, the H.O.E that raises the most money, regardless of the outcome of the contest, will win a special prize. “This contest is always one of the highlights of the carnival for us,” says Home Slice Pizza owner Joseph Strickland, “and this year we’ve added the opportunity to get more people involved and raise money for a worthy cause.” In the past, contestants have stood as long as 31 hours and last year’s winner, Seth Mazow, chronicled his experience as a Home Slice regular on his blog, The Year of the Pizza.

The Hands on an Eggplant Sub Contest will be held during the Home Slice Carnival O’ Pizza which takes place on Saturday, November 20 from 12 to 7pm. Contestants

interested in participating in the event can fill out an application at Home Slice Pizza, download it here, or email contest coordinator: shauna@homeslicepizza.com.


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