We Have Selected the Eating Contest Competitors!

Posted in Carnival O' Pizza by Tara Bouley on November 19, 2010

Chris Floyd, winning his third title in 2008.

The competition was tough. Many people applied and only an elite ten were selected. This serves at the official announcement of the contestants for the 2010 Carnival O’ Pizza Eating Contest.

Meet your competitors:

Chris Floyd
Four time, undefeated, Home Slice champion. “I’m coming into the 5th Annual Home Slice Carnival O’ Pizza with the same familiar hunger I’ve had for the past four years, but that’s not all I’m bringing to the table.  I’m also bringing a refined eating technique that I’ve been working on, and I’m planning on eating more than ever on November 20th.  Anyone out there who wants a shot at the crown better come strong, and they better be ready for a battle.”

Hungry Todd Rungy
Occupation? Temp.
5 items he can’t live without? Food, my headband, my boots, my camo jacket, my american flag.
Hero? Joey Chestnut, Bill Murray, and Burt Reynolds.

Carrie Dahlstrom
The only girl.
Occupation? Badass.
5 items she can’t live without? iPhone, beer, humor, cheese, Austin.
Hero? Sweet Dee from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

Robert Clark
Occupation? Personal trainer.
5 items he can’t live without? Food, beer, my cat, my bed, my body wash.
Hero? Epic Beard Man.
What else? I love my cat.

Mason Doss
Occupation? Gallery Specialist.
5 items he can’t live without? Guitar, pizza, air, fried chicken sandwiches, water.
Hero? Jimi.
Superpower? To be invisible only when walking backwards

Michael “The Squirrel” Harmon
Occupation? Medical Student.
Plan to win? 1) Boiled cabbage diet starting Wednesday 2) Reverse Fold 3) Hip Wiggling 4) Awkward eye contact with Pretty Boy Floyd.
5 items he can’t live without? Macaroni and cheese, sweatpants, Mario Kart and Super Nintendo, Tex-Joy, Turbo from Bert’s BBQ.
Hero? Larry David.
Superpower? Making other people fart as I see fit…I would be able to control any situation.

Joshua Weldon (Well Done)
Occupation? RN.
5 items he can’t live without? Books, music, dancing, friction (our family’s euphemism for sex), pizza.
What two animals would he breed to make a  hybrid? Mongoose and cobra – because if arch enemies can peacefully co-exist we may find that we can all live in peace…or we may find that this co-existence is impossible, that peace is futile, and end the misery early by eating each other.
What else? I homebrew my own beer and soda. i am a birder – AKA: Bird-Nerd. I used to write/ direct/ produce a sketch comedy show on public access called “Free Beer”. My degree is in film but, like most artists, I needed a day job – so I’m a night nurse.

Ryan Bolles
Occupation? US Marine.
Plan to win? Charm, humor, and a brandish smile. Oh, at eating? Voracious consumption of pizza at a rate faster than my brain cells can calculate satiety.
5 items he can’t live without? Music collection, plane tickets to NY, drinking shoes, revolver belt buckle, passport.
Hybrid? Eagle and dolphin. Arial and aquatic domination for protection during the apocalyptic zombie infestation.
Any other extreme feats you’ve participated in? Fastest raw egg eater – Irish Wake 2003, Beer bonging champion – South Padre Island 2007, jumping out of a plane, riding in a car with my angry mother, the electric slide.

Brando Kerrigan
Occupation? Bureaucrat. 5 items? a good coffee maker, Webster’s online, #2 pencils, garlic, the ozone layer.
Craziest dare you’ve done? My wife and I celebrated our fifth anniversary this year. We were married by Sun Myung Moon in a mass wedding at old Yankee Stadium. Both of us thought, independently, that it would be an ironic hoot to do this, as we had never met before. More ironically, we are both quite happy with the match.

Billy “Porkchop” Chedsey
Last year’s runner up.
Occupation? Stuntman.
5 items he can’t live without? My kitty cat, my drinking helmet, mayonnaise, my Pable Cruise CD, my denim jacket with J-Low airbrushed on the back.
If there was one thing you could do immediately by giving up a pinky toe, what would it be? Get my dog to quit rubbing his butt on the carpet.
What did/do you want to be when you grow up? A stay at home dad with no kids.
Hero? Chris Floyd.


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  1. […] upset this year in the eating contest. The undefeated, 4 year champion Chris Floyd was taken out in a neck-and-neck battle to the tune of a mere 1/4 oz of crust by last year’s […]

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