MXTS 2011 Preview: Active Child

Posted in Music and other Arts by Joseph on February 17, 2011

Active Child is the recording project of songwriter Pat Grossi and is exactly the reason why home recording a) rules and b) has contributed so much to this golden age of music we are now experiencing.

At first blush, the analog synth and drum machine sounds will take you back to soft focus videos from 80s keyboard meisters like OMD or Spandau Ballet.  (Or maybe even movies like Never Ending Story or Labyrinth.) But then the vocals take hold of you and transform everything, elevating it to something remarkable.

Pat spent a lot of time singing in Choir as a youngster, and it shows in Active Child’s choral, soaring vocals that swell above a synthesized background of punctuated reverb and airy, layered keyboard lines. In fact, NME recently dubbed his sound “Hymn-tronic” and named his song “She Was a Vision” among their favorite tracks of 2010.  Whatever you call it, he has carved out a unique space for himself in the world of modern music, with a sound that is simply magical.

And he performs with an electric harp. A harp!  What could be the better compliment to an afternoon of  sunlight, beer and pizza?

Active Child will preform at Music by the Slice Thusrday, March 17th at 1:35 PM. Full line up coming so very soon.

Track: She Was a Vision

Video: I’m Your Church at Night live in-studio on KCRW.

Video: Wilderness live in-studio.


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