Music By The Slice 2014 Lineup!!

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Homies, we are hosting our 9th Annual MXTS party this year on March 14th and 15th!  We’re so excited about this year’s lineup, and its all made possible by our incredible sponsors!  Check out the lineup below and take a look at our sponsors.  As always we are completely FREE and open to all ages, and all proceeds benefit our awesome charity Urban Roots!!   Pizza Party!!!

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Friday, March 14th

12:10 – Gossling 

1:00 – Mirah

1:50 – Lost in the Trees

2:40 – little hurricane

3:30 – Sivu 

4:20 – Solander

5:10 – The Whigs 

6:00 – Splashh 

6:50 – G. Love

Saturday, March 15th

12:10 – Avi Buffalo 

1:00 – Lawrence Rothman 

1:50 – T. Hardy Morris

2:40 – The Pack A.D. 

3:3o – Saint Rich

4:20 – Sonny Knight and the Lakers 

5:10 – Roadkill Ghost Choir 

6:00 – Ages and Ages 

6:50 – The Octopus Project 

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MXTS 2012 Wrap Up

Posted in Music and other Arts by Joseph on March 27, 2012

While we weren’t quite sure what to expect from the new and improved one day version of Music by the Slice, any hopes we had were far exceeded by the wonderful reality of last Friday, March 16.  It was a lovely day on South Congress and the people turned out in a big way to see some great music and support a great cause.  In fact, we are thrilled to announce that we were able to raise over 7k for Urban Roots.

The Lineup

We gotta give props to those who made this shindig happen:

The volunteers from Urban Roots and from our own Pie Club who kept the place neat, tidy, and kept everything running smoothly.

Our sponsors, Brooklyn Brewery, Sweet Leaf Tea, and Dublin Dr. Pepper who brought delicious-ness for all to enjoy.

Home Slice staff who volunteered their time for weeks before the event to conceptualize, design, and create the panels that covered the stages  (I mean, c’mon, how often does a stage get a shout out in a music review?)

Everyone who chose to come to our party from amongst all the insane number of parties happening at the same time!

And of course the artists themselves who kept the place rocking for nearly 10 hours!

Check out our artist portraits and other photos.  Stay tuned for some videos from the party.


The Belle Brigade as seen from back stage.

MXTS 2012 Portraits

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Here are a few of our favorite portraits from this year’s Music by the Slice.  You can view the rest of the photos over on our Flickr stream. We’ll post some videos soon.


Radiation City in the Green Room

(Most of) Yukon Blonde

Yellow Ostrich

Mother Falcon in a tree

MXTS Preview: Music Videos!

Posted in Music and other Arts by Tara Bouley on March 6, 2012

MXTS 2012 Line Up

Posted in Music and other Arts by Joseph on March 1, 2012

Hey homies, here is the LINEUP for Music by the Slice 2012, Friday March 16, proceeds to benefit Urban Roots.

MXTS 2011 Wrap up

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Aesop Rock with Rob Sonic and DJ Big Wiz, March 19 2011

“Well, that was interesting.”

Kyle Morton of Typhoon at the conclusion of their semi acoustic set.

That pretty much sums up how we feel too.  HSP Co-Owner Joseph Strickland here with a recap of Music by the Slice 2011, definitely the most unique one we’ve done yet.

This was our 6th year hosting this party and it definitely did not lack for excitement!  From the thrill of seeing Aesop Rock and Kimya Dawson share a stage for only the 2nd time ever, to the unexpected delight of completely unplugged sets from Versus, Lost in the Trees, Apex Manor, Fredrik and The Boxer Rebellion among others, there was never a dull moment in the 3 days of this year’s party.

Although our issues getting a sound permit from the city – and subsequent need to unplug at times – were not something we’d ever like to experience again, it did lead to some of the most amazing performances we’ve seen in our 6 years hosting this party.   And thanks to the generosity of our rad sponsors, the thirst of the beer and beverage buying public, cooperation from the weather Gods, the generosity of our friends and staff members who offered up their acoustic instruments, and most importantly  the willingness of the artists to DIG DEEP, throwing away their rehearsed sets to improvise, acoustically on the fly, we were able to raise 10 thousand dollars for our charity: YouthLaunch’s Urban Roots program!!!!

So all in all, we are psyched with how it all turned out and wouldn’t change a thing, except maybe the volume!

Thanks to everyone who had anything to do with making this happen, we love you all!!!

And hey don’t miss these sweet videos:

Ivan & Alyosha “Glorify”:

Thao with The Get Down Stay Down “Bag of Hammers”:

Aesop Rock and Kimya Dawson “Delicate Cycle”:

Lord Huron: “The Stranger”:

Aesop Rock with Rob Sonic and DJ Big Wiz “Big Bang”:

Typhoon “The Honest Truth”:

The Cave Singers “Haller Lake”:

The Twilight Sad “Cold Days from the Birdhouse”:

Great Lake Swimmers “I Could Be Nothing “:

Lost in the Trees “Walk Around the Lake”:

Rural Alberta Advantage:

MXTS 2011 Preview: Welcome, Friends From Across the Pond

Posted in Music and other Arts by Tara Bouley on March 16, 2011

Last, but most definitely not least, we have three bands from across the seas.


The Boxer Rebellion are a London-based group with members from England, Nashville and Australia. They are an understated powerhouse in indie rock — in 2009 they became the first unsigned band to enter the Billboard Top 100 Albums chart with a digital-only release. They will be performing Music by the Slice tomorrow Thursday, March 17th at 1:00 PM.


Fredrik is a Swedish duo, sometimes trio, that creates layered, electronic, folky, atmospheric soundscapes that could be the soundtrack to your darker dreams or a Spike Jones movie. They will be performing Music by the Slice Thursday, March 17th at 2:20 PM.

Video: playing a Tiny Desk Concert in Bob Boilen’s studio at the NPR Music.


Mazes are a trio from London who, since their 2009 inception, have been blowing up the British airwaves with their 90’s indie pop inspired rock songs. They will be performing at Music by the Slice Saturday, March 19th at 1:35 PM.

Track: Cenetaph

MXTS 2011 Preview: The Wooden Birds

Posted in Music and other Arts by Tara Bouley on March 15, 2011

I’m not saying that The Wooden Birds are a super group, but I’m not saying they aren’t. I mean, with members from American Analog Set and Matt Pond PA, The Wooden Birds at least qualify as an All star team.

The songs make you sway, with a slow, driving rhythm.  The vocals of Andrew Kenny and Leslie Sisson commune well together.  The sound isn’t incredibly far off from Kenny’s last band,  Austin’s own American Analog Set — it’s more stripped down and has it’s own magic in the congregation of members and how they color and contribute to his songwriting.

The Wooden Birds released their first album Magnolia in 2009. The song “Sugar” off that record was Song of the Day on NPR. They have a new album Two Matchsticks on Barsuk Records set for release in June.

The Wooden Birds will be performing at Music by the Slice this Thursday, March 19th at 2:55 PM.

Track: The Other One

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

MXTS 2011 Preview: Communist Daughter

Posted in Music and other Arts by Tara Bouley on March 14, 2011

Communist Daughter is the project of Johnny Solomon out of St. Paul, Minnesota. They caught my attention last year with their first EP and the song “Not the Kid.” They have since released a full-length album. The music is so pretty, it makes you feel at ease, it lures you in just to break your heart with lyrics that are bleak and resigned, in the tradition of early Ryan Adams.

In the song Speed of Sound, Solomon toes the line between longing and surrender, “and I’m afraid I’ll stay. It’s not because of all the things that you would say. It’s because every time I fall in love is another time I watch you walk away.” With songs this beautiful, I for one welcome the heartache. Bring it on!

Communist Daughter will be performing at Music by the Slice Thursday, March 17th at 1:35 PM.

Track: Speed Of Sound

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Video: Not the Kid live in studio

MXTS 2011 Preview: Trampled by Turtles

Posted in Music and other Arts by Tara Bouley on March 11, 2011

Trampled by Turtles are a bluegrass powerhouse from Duluth, Minnesota that are rising to the top of the new school of roots music. This ain’t your grand pappy’s music; there’s no signing about WWII and bread lines. Instead, TBT are talking about what you’d expect from a bunch of young guys — love, and mostly the kind gone wrong.  Their hit “Wait so Long” off their newest of six records released since 2004, Palomino, bears this out: “I could never pretend that I don’t love you. You could never pretend that I’m your man.”

Between the blazing banjo lines, expert fiddle playing and the pristine four part vocals, it seems as if these guys were born to play bluegrass. And the world outside of the Americana scene is taking note as well.  Palomino not only reached #1 on the bluegrass charts but also hit #46 on the indie charts and these guys are playing at this year’s Coachella festival.

Trampled by Turtles will be performing at Music by the Slice Thursday, March 17th at 6:25 PM

Track: Victory

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Video: You Wait so Long live