Show and Tell: Real Pizza of NY App for the iPhone

Posted in Home Slice in NYC, It's Bona Fide! by Tara Bouley on December 24, 2010

Every September, Home Slice Pizza, as a staff, heads to NYC to re-up on slices and street cred. We’ve been 4 years now and collectively we have had a wider variety of pizza than many New Yorkers. I can think of one DAY all of us tried upwards of  two dozen slices from different pizzerias. It’s not uncommon for our New York friends or folks traveling to the Big Apple to ask for recommendations.

If you’re headed to NYC and you wish you could have a Home Slicer there to whisk you through the boroughs like the Ghost of Pizza Future; here’s the next best thing. Jeff Orlick, best know for his food blogging and 5 borough pizza tours, has created a real-deal application of the best pizzerias in NYC. Having been to at least a dozen pizzerias recommended by the app, and considering Jeff’s extensive pizza eating, I can safely say that this app will not steer you wrong. And to prove it, I headed all the way down to Sheepshead Bay with some friends (who were on their own pilgrimage to a great old school roast beef joint) to check out Delmar Pizzeria, a straightforward, no frills, old school shop.

Delmar is located in the southern most area of Brooklyn known as Sheepshead Bay, a good 9 miles south of Williamsburg. A couple miles before you get there, the streets widen and you feel like you’ve entered into the suburbs. Basically you have. People are warm, even chatty. In true NY style, they’ll give you brusque but friendly directions.

Delmar is known for it’s white pie, or at least that’s what the sign on the building says. But I’m a purist, and when I’m trying a pizzeria for the first time, I always get a plain slice. And it was good. Great crust, classic NY style pizza. The app was right on. I don’t think I’d take a trip all the way down there just for Delmar, but I may make a day of it and hit up Totonno’s, Papa Leone, and L&B Supmoni Gardens. A South Brooklyn extravaganza!

The Real Pizza of NY app has a list of pizzerias, or you can just check out what’s around you with the handy GPS map. There’s a comment section where you can share your thoughts and opinions with other pizza lovers and Jeff, the app’s creator. It’s absolutely worth the $0.99. Oh, heck, let’s just look at the screen shots!


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