All Songs Considered SXSW 2009 preview

Posted in Music and other Arts by Tara Bouley on March 15, 2009


NPR’s All Songs Considered, hosted by Bob Boilen, just broadcasted it’s 2009 SXSW preview show. Bob got together with NPR Monitor Mix blogger Carrie Brownstein, producer and Second Stage host Robin Hilton, and Song of the Day editor Stephen Thompson to chat about bands they hadn’t heard of that they were looking forward to seeing this year. 

The show discussed a very diverse group of 16 artists. It makes me really excited about music.  And what’s so cool is that two of the Music by the Slice artists made the list! Jason Lytle, former frontman of Granddaddy, and The Phenomenal Handclap Band.

Jason Lytle is coming out with his first solo album since Grandaddy broke up in 2006. The Phenomenal Handclap Band are from NYC and has 27 members. Both bands are playing on Saturday. The green room is going to be bumping! Can’t wait to see you there! The rest of  out line up for MXTS can be found here.amazinghandclap


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